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Han Solo Vs. Indiana Jones
03/02/10, 9:31am EST

There are some questions that will always plaque mankind. Who is stronger Rambo or Rocky, King Kong or Godzilla, but anyone reading this or listening to the IndyCast has always wondered just one thing...

Who is better, Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Well much better looking than any Jay and Silent Bob sketch we have two "fan girls" at a comic shop (yes it has to be a fantasy) on which Harrison Ford character is better.

See some blaster banging and whip-cracking action compliments of Milo Ventimiglia's cool show Ultradome on Parallel Universe and find out who's the best! Stick around and watch which trilogy is better Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Now, the one I really want to see is Mr. Fantastic versus Plastic Man!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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