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Sideshow's Peak at TOD Indy Figure
30/03/10, 12:05pm EST

A movie theater in Stamford was running a special showing of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on Thursday, March 25, but since it was my son, Owen's 10th birthday that night I had to pass. However, after all the cake and balloons were put away, I was surprised to see that that day did not pass without a glimpse of Indiana Jones from his epic battle against the blood thirsty Thuggees. Well at least a close up of his hand. A sculpted hand at that.

The artisans at Sideshow Collectibles, fresh off dazzling Indyfans with their 1:1 scale replica of the Fertility Idol, were showing a sneak peak of what the future has in store. While they had mentioned that they were hard at work on a Premium Format figure of the Man with the Hat from his adventures in the Temple of Doom little more was known or seen about it. Well, thanks to a posting of a photo, both of those things have come to pass - with an image of the sculpting of the newest Indy fig... rather, just a close up of Indy's bandaged hand as he had it holding the Thuggee sword/machete in the climatic rope bridge sequence.

This will be the third version of Indiana Jones in the Sideshow premium format line, as well as, a Mola Ram figure that will be released later this year. With the Temple of Doom Indy fans can pose the two adversaries and have them stare each other down from across a room.

You can see the preview on the Sideshow site, and hopefully the coming weeks will reveal more of it, as well as ordering information and release dates. Now if I can only get a local movie theatre to show Temple of Doom, Raiders and Last Crusade again...

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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