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Sideshow Toys Talks NEW Indy Collectibles
25/02/10, 10:11am EST

Sideshow Collectibles recent Q&A had a lot of great news for Indyfans, including new 1:1 props in the future and Temple of Doom figures coming soon!

You can read the full transcript from Sideshow's Q&A here.

I have been wondering if you are going to produce a Rene Belloq 12-inch figure wearing the Jewish High Priest robes that he wears when they open the Ark of the Covenant at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark?
We are currently evaluating more 12-inch Indiana Jones figure development, but our focus is really on Temple of Doom characters currently.

After the release of the Indiana Jones Golden Idol, will the Crystal Skull or Holy Grail prop replicas be a possibility?
Yes, we’re VERY interested in creating Grail and Skull prop replicas.

Sideshow used to be the company for female figures with your Buffy and James Bond lines (you made them look good without being hypersexual). Thus I am sorely disappointed that Marion Ravenwood has not shown up in the Indiana Jones line. Could you explain what prompted the apparent decision to not pursue a major character like her when she appears to be in high demand among collectors?
Fair question. We’ve fallen out of love with our old female body and delayed development on new female 12-inch figures until we sort out an update to the base body or a new body entirely. Things are still cooking at Sideshow HQ, and we’ll reopen the doors to female dev soon.

I LOVE the Premium Format Crystal Skull Indy. Trevor did another amazing job on the face sculpt. I might even prefer it over my PF Raiders Indy, but time will tell. Is Trevor working on any sculpts for the other two Indy movies in the PF format? It’d be great to add to these “bookends”.
Yes! Trevor recently completed the Indiana Jones from Temple of Doom, and we’re working on the prototype now!

I’m so excited to have placed my order for the 1:1 Raiders of the Lost Ark Fertility Idol. What’s next for the 1:1 Indiana Jones relic line? I’d love to see the Crystal Skull (I have your small one that came with the DVD set), the head piece to the Staff of Ra, the eye of the Peacock diamond from the beginning of Temple of Doom, a Sankara Stone (or all 3), the Cross of Coronado and the Holy Grail.
Several of the props you mention are in the works and even another that you didn’t mention. Stay tuned!

With German Indy and Henry Sr. shipping, can we get a hint of what Indiana Jones 1/6 Figures are coming in the new year?
There will be a bit of a break between the shipment of KOTCS Indy and the announcement of our next Indiana Jones 12-inch figure. We’re looking hard at designs from Temple of Doom for the next releases.

I have to tell you, that the Indiana Jones vs. Mola Ram diorama is awesome!!! You said that this is the first from the freshly launched IJ diorama series, so what about the next one? Is it in the works? can you give us some hints ? e.g.: from which installment did you choose? I think the scene, when Indy cures his father with the grail would be great!!
Duly noted! We have not yet selected the next Indiana Jones diorama, but there are several GOOD designs on the table! Stay tuned!

I was wondering if you were going to sell the Indiana Jones Life-Size Bag separate from the Indiana Jones VS Mola Ram Polystone Diorama? I love the bag and want one very badly!
We will not be offering the bag separately from the Diorama, but we will share your interest with Sideshow creative!

I love the Indiana Jones line, all of it…1/6, 1/4, props…all of it. I have purchased every item made for it. Are you going to continue the 1/6 scale line with more figures from the series, or is KOTCS Indy the last of the Mohicans? Also, if it’s not dead, would Sideshow consider the Hot Toys DX route and include a different outfit change with a figure?
We do have plans to continue the line, but we don’t have a firm timeframe to share with you. A deluxe Indy could be very interesting!

Are there any plans to have a Willie Scott figure for the Indiana Jones line, in any format?
Our Creative Director, Tom Gilliland, has a real soft spot for Willie Scott. It’s a safe bet that she’ll appear in some form.

Concerning the Indiana Jones license, does Sideshow also hold the rights to developing characters from the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles?
We’re not certain, but we still have a lot of ground to cover from the films before we dip into the Young Indy material.

Ok, you guys really have me freaked out after prior rounds of ‘Ask Sideshow’ questions. Indy fans were told there would be “a pause in the Indiana Jones 12-inch line after Henry Jones” and that Sideshow was “in the midst of evaluating TOD characters.” The Indy freaks require clarification…. Does this mean, in any way, that the 1/6 line is in jeopardy?
I’m very (VERY) disappointed by the news that the Indy 1:6 line is on “pause”. Can you clarify what that means? Does that mean that there will simply be a long wait before the next announcement but that there IS a definite announcement coming, or does that mean that there is no new figure to be announced in the foreseeable future? I have all the figures from the line so far, and it was the Indy line that got me into collecting 1:6 figures in the first place. So I would be incredibly disappointed if the Indy 1:6 line was indeed dead, like many of us fear.
Have you stopped work on the Indy 1:6 line to re-assess whether it is still viable? I know you intend to continue the license with dioramas and Premium Formats. But many of us are only interested in the 1:6 line and were hoping to at least get one or two figures (and personally, at least one Indiana Jones figure) from each movie. We all know what happens when a line is put “on hold”, and “pause” seems like the same thing. What would have to happen for you guys to continue with the line? Please reconsider!
I’m sure you’re getting swamped with this question, but I thought I’d add mine to the pile … What’s the status of the Indiana Jones 1/6th line? Just hoping for some clarification. A few weeks back you mentioned that the line was “paused.” A lot of collectors then leapt to the immediate conclusion that the line is struggling badly and is therefore headed inevitably toward being axed. But I read the “paused” announcement differently. After re-reading it a few times, it seemed to me you guys were announcing a GOOD thing — that you were pausing to consult with Hot Toys so you could figure out how to do shirtless figures. NOT that you were gearing up to pull the plug on a struggling line. Could you please clarify? As a big lover of the 1/6th Indy line, I’m REALLY hoping I’ll need to buy a few more Detolfs in 2010 for a growing Indy 1/6th collection!
Great questions, all of you. The pause is indeed to give us the opportunity to evaluate our future plans for 12-inch Indy, including diorama type environment pieces. In the meantime, our development teams have been working hard on the 1:6 Star Wars and GI Joe lines, and we will redirect their efforts to Indiana Jones in due order. From here out, we’re most likely to develop ‘bursts’ of Indiana Jones 12-inch figures, ie a Temple of Doom subset, then onto other films.

I’m a huge Indy fan and have all the Indy items you’ve put out so far, keep up the great work! One question… I’ve noticed the Indy 12-inch line is “smaller” in proportion to your Star Wars line, as well as the New Line House of Horrors line. In fact, your Indy is “shorter” than your Han Solo! Was the reason for this so the Indy line would work with other 12-inch WWII era military lines like Dragon, G.I.Joe, etc? Or was there a different reason for the different “scale” of the Indy Line?
When we launched Indiana Jones, we also launched the new Pro Body, which ended up a bit smaller than ideal. We’ve since added body parts to the Pro platform allowing additional height, arm, shoulder, and butt configurations – and future Indiana Jones figures will benefit from these advances (and potentially others).

I love the Indy vs. Mola Ram diorama. Please Sideshow, give us an Indy & Marion Well of Souls and Indy with Henry Sr. before all is said and done. I could go on, but these would be very iconic.
Certainly, we’ll share your wish list with the creative team!

Will the Indiana Jones 1:6 environment pieces continue? I am really hoping we’ll get a Map Room Indy with polystone Map Room environment. What is the possibility of this happening?
Yes, most likely on a basis paired with future 12-inch Indiana Jones offerings. We can’t promise the map room as a certainty, but it’s high on our list too.

Where does the Indy 1/6th ‘paused’ announcement leave us for the 1/6th KOTC Indy? Will we still see this figure?
We hope that you have him in hand as you read this!

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

Thanks to's Les for the heads up!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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