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Indy 'Well of Souls' 2010 Hallmark Ornament
17/02/10, 12:35pm EST

New Hallmark Ornament
New Indiana Jones
Hallmark Ornament.
Though many of the Christmas ornaments have been packed away for the year by now (if not, what are you waiting for), but save a spot on the tree next Christmas for the Man with the Hat.

Hallmark will continue producing ornaments based on Indiana Jones in 2010, the third so far in their series, with a look at Indy fending off snakes from the Well of the Souls! While it's had to tell if there will be a sound chip on this ornament, it would be cool if it said the immortal line; "Snakes... why did it have to be snakes"!

A big thanks to Indyfan Justin, for sending the image and the information over to me.

Source: DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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