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G4 Interviews the Folks Behind LEGO Indy 2
27/08/09, 11:16am EST

Think the new Indy LEGO video game will only have a new Crystal Skull section and that's all? Well... You're wrong! The folks at G4 interviewed Matt Shell the man behind the LEGO Indy sequel and best of all they have video footage of the new game. So see this sneak peak right here:

G4 spoke with LucasArts' Jeff Shell at GamesCom 2009 about LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, that video game where a famous movie character is portrayed as made of plastic LEGO blocks.
According to Shell, part 2 is a not a remake or rehash.

"This is a true, legitimate sequel," Shell told us. "We've taken all the aspects of the original game and brought those original adventures back to the sequel in a new way, so you won't be replaying any of the scenes from the first game… It’s completely re-told."

We also got the inside word and an early look at LEGO Indy 2's builder mode that allows for the creation of original levels, the game's massive improvement to the hub system, and a look at the new split-screen that allows co-op players to separate as far as they want. At last! Plus, LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues contains exciting scenes and characters from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The game comes out across platforms this fall.

This game will no doubt fill the hunger Indyfans were left with after the so-so Indy and Staff of Kings video game that came out this year! So get the buttons a clicking... Indy's coming back!

Source: G4

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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