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More Staff of Kings Reviews
11/06/09, 12:24pm EST

Here are the latest Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings game reviews of the Nintendo Wii version. Followed by quotes from the reviewers.

Journal & Courier - reviewed by Doug Elfman:

... while this is a better-than-decent Wii game, it doesn't give you many choices to make on your own, and that makes Staff of Kings feel like an artifact of games of yore.

Kansas City Star - reviewed by Billy O'Keefe:

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is, when its ideas are working, a crazy good time that deftly embodies the spirit of the films. That's a good thing, too, because when its ideas aren't working, Kings is a mess teetering on collapse.

The Washington Times - reviewed by Joseph Szadkowski:

Despite the hefty package of extras and fairly successful use of Wii interaction, I couldn't get past the mediocre visuals and some of the repetitive level difficulty. It's hard to believe the company that came out with Jedi Unleashed on the Wii could not find a better way to present Staff of Kings. It has all the history and fun of an Indiana Jones adventure but is just too hard on the wrists and eyes.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings arrives in Europe tomorrow, June 12th.

For more information visit LucasArts' official Staff of Kings website or our own Staff of Kings webpage.

Posted by Gilles V


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